From Concept To Reality In Just Two Weeks

From Concept To Reality
In Just Two Weeks

Seth Brody | November 1, 2023

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are writing with an update on our shared mission. Over the past two weeks, we put your donations to work immediately. We are pleased to report that we have been able to go from concept to reality in just two weeks, delivering lifesaving first aid kits directly to soldiers and first responders on the front lines. As you can see in the attached videos, your donations have already been turned into delivered gear in the hands of brave Israelis.

Since our last update on 15 October:

  • We negotiated and procured the highest quality Individual First Aid Kits from North American Rescue. Leveraging our relationship with Henry Schein, we purchased 1000 Tactical Operator Response Kits (T.O.R.K) at a significant discount. These kits contain essential life-saving equipment and meet the exacting standards of the Israeli Medical Corps.
  • We secured low-cost transport for these kits and accelerated their delivery to Israel. As you can imagine, inbound air freight, customs and other logistical operations into Israel at this time are complex. Through our partnerships, we were able to get the kits from the manufacturer onto a plane at a low cost.
  • Coordinated with First Line Med to get the kits to the front-line units. Founded by a group of ex-army doctors and emergency medical personnel, First Line Med is a volunteer-based task force working in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center, the largest hospital in the Middle East. Its mission is to supply lifesaving medical supplies and equipment to both the military and civilians during Israel's current crisis.
  • Attached you will find two videos showing the IFAKs your donations purchased in the hands of those who need them most. As David says in the video:  “ My name is David and I am serving in the 5280 Battalion, Engineering Corps. We are at the Lebanese border up north. We love you Hatikvah Alliance. Thanks to you, we haven't lost our hope. Am Israel Chai!  Hatikvah Alliance, the people of Israel appreciate and love you. Thank you so much for everything that you do.”

Our focus for the weeks ahead is as follows:

  • Continuing to raise funds for the next delivery as the war enters the next phase. With more intense combat operations in Gaza in the days ahead, the need for IFAKs is greater than ever.
  • Please pass on the link to our website to anyone in your network that you feel could contribute.

On behalf of everyone at Hatikvah Alliance, we cannot thank you enough for your support. We Stand with Israel.

Seth Brody

Sarah Brody

Matt Vacca


Hatikvah Alliance